American country style

- Nov 03, 2019-

American country style

The American country style abandons the cumbersomeness and luxury, and brings together the outstanding elements of different styles. It is guided by the comfort function and emphasizes “return to nature”, making this style easier and more comfortable. The American country style highlights the comfort and freedom of life, whether it is a cumbersome piece of furniture or an accessory with years of vicissitudes. Especially in the choice of wall color, natural, nostalgic, exudes a rich and earthy color is a typical feature of the American country style. The colors of American country style are mainly natural colors, green and earth brown are the most common; wallpapers are mostly pure pulp texture; furniture colors are more old-fashioned, and the style is heavy;


1. Although American furniture has many genres, it generally gives the impression that it is huge and heavy, very natural and comfortable, and fully shows the simple flavor of the country.

2, fabric is a very important application element in the country style, the natural color of cotton and linen is the mainstream, the natural feel of the fabric and the country style can be well coordinated; all kinds of complicated flowers and plants, beautiful exotic and live birds The fish pattern is very popular, comfortable and casual.

3, rocking chair, small floral cloth, wild flower pot plant, wheat grass, fruit, disk, wrought iron products, etc. are commonly used in rural style space.

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