Application Technology Of Transparent Spray Powder

- Apr 20, 2020-

Application technology of transparent spray powder

1. Pretreatment purpose: remove the oil, dust, and rust on the surface of the workpiece, and form a "phosphating layer" on the surface of the workpiece that can resist corrosion and increase the adhesion of the spraying coating. Main process steps: degreasing, derusting, phosphating, and passivation.

2. Electrostatic spraying purpose: evenly spray powder coating on the surface of workpiece, special workpiece (including the position prone to electrostatic shielding)

3. High temperature curing purpose: heat the powder coating on the surface of the workpiece to the specified temperature and keep it warm for the corresponding time to make it melt, level and solidify

4. Decoration purpose: to achieve a special appearance effect of the workpiece after electrostatic sprayings, such as various wood grain, pattern, polishing, etc.