Automated production line for sand casting

- Jun 11, 2020-

Automated production line for sand casting, which includes the storage barrel, feeder, first conveyor belt, first hoist, sand hopper, sand mixer, second conveyor belt, molding machine, Rail, automatic casting machine, iron chain conveyor, vibratory shaker, third conveyor belt, third hoist, hexagonal screen, cooling drum, fourth hoist, the fourth hoist is connected to the storage barrel A circulating continuous production line; 

The sand mixer is also connected with a second hoist for transporting raw material clay, a pneumatic conveyor for transporting raw coal powder, a water pipe for water supply; sand formed in the molding machine The die moves on the track through an aluminum cart and is arranged in an order on the track; a magnetic device is provided on the third conveyor belt; the hexagonal screen is also connected to a dust removal device, and the dust removal device is connected to waste Recycling bin