Cargo label requirements

- Sep 07, 2020-

1. National Standard

The national standard is generally 4CM square. For FBA products, two national standards should be pasted on the upper right corner of the narrow side of each box.

2. Product SKU label

The SKU label of a product is a unique identification of a product, and Amazon recognizes the code but not the product. So be sure to check carefully to avoid misposting. Once you post the wrong SKU code, it will be very expensive for Amazon to replace it for you.

3. FBA Label

The FBA Label label is the identification of the outer packaging box for confirming the goods when the Amazon warehouse receives the goods. Pasted on the packaging of the product, because this is an identity certificate for the product, so it's all based on this.

4. Made in China label

Products exported to the United States must be labeled with Made in China, and the outer box and each product must be labeled with "MADE IN CHINA", otherwise they will be detained and returned by the local customs.

5. Overweight labels

Amazon stipulates that a single box package cannot exceed 30 kg. If a single box package exceeds 15 kg, a "Team Lift" label is required. Because of Amazon's cargo handling regulations, packages exceeding 15 kilograms require two operators to operate. The label "Team Lift" is to remind the operator that two people are required to operate.