Chair maintenance

- Dec 13, 2018-

1. Avoid placing cups and tableware with hot water or hot soup directly on the table, but separate the tabletop with a coaster or insulation pad.
2. If the skin is left on the table for a long time, leave a trace of white circles. At this time, use cotton dipped in camphor oil to wipe it. Follow the traces of white scales and wipe it back and forth. It should be easy to remove the traces.
3. The white scale of the glass dining table, as long as it is poured in the white dirt to remove the oil, and then wipe off with the old silk socks.
4. The colored wooden dining table and chair can be used to make the complementary color of the dye at the scratching position. After the dye is dried, the upper layer of the bright wax is evenly distributed.
5. Since the location of the restaurant is usually next to the kitchen, the dining table and chair are easy to be stained with fumes, and the user should diligently wipe it to reduce the adhesion of dust and facilitate cleaning in the future.
6. To avoid oil stains, it is difficult to remove them. You can use the seat cover to protect your love chair. When you accidentally get dirty, just remove the seat cover and clean it. It is convenient and easy, not to hurt the dining table and chair.
7. The surface of the marble dinette is subject to wear and can be polished to restore luster.

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