Choose Table Way

- Nov 17, 2020-

When choosing a table, because the color change is small, only the color of the table will change slightly. Therefore, there are less concerns about matching with the decoration. However, there are still several most important principles that must be considered:

1. Various industries

If most employees do similar work, they can purchase desks with similar functions

2. Storage function

The storage function of the table is personal. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the personal work needs of the employee. For example, if the employee needs to store more information, he or she can have two drawers on the right

3. Line configuration function

A good desk should not only consider the space for information products, but also have enough space for horizontal and vertical line storage.

4. Detail design

The front edge of the table should be designed with a smooth beveled edge or a quarter circle design to avoid the disadvantage that the traditional right angle design will compress the blood vessels of the elbow.