Clean Sands

- Mar 24, 2020-

For single-piece or small-batch castings, the surface is often cleaned by manually using a chisel and wire brush. Manually removing the sticky sand on the surface of the casting is a relatively heavy task, and the working conditions are harsh, and more advanced mechanized methods should be used as far as possible.

Commonly used mechanized sand cleaning methods are hydraulic sand cleaning, electro-hydraulic sand cleaning, drum sand cleaning, shot (shot) shot sand cleaning, and chemical sand cleaning.

(1) Hydraulic sand removal: A method to separate the surface sticking sand from the casting by using high-speed water flow.

(2) Electro-hydraulic sand removal: Use of shock waves generated by high-voltage discharge in the liquid to remove sticky sand from the surface of the casting.

(3) Roller sand removal: Use the collision and friction between the casting and small additional special iron in the roller to remove the sticky sand on the surface of the casting.

(4) Shot blasting (blasting) shot blasting: A method of removing a large number of small particles from the surface of the casting to remove sticky sand and scale using compressed air or mechanical force.

(5) Chemical sand removal: A method for removing the sticky sand and oxide scale on the surface of castings by using the chemical reaction between the chemical substances in the liquid and the sticky sand or scale on the surface of castings.