Consignee's risk and prevention for telex release

- Sep 03, 2020-

In "Release", the risk of the consignee is relatively small. However, the buyer, as the consignee, should also understand the basic concept of "electric release". Because in the case of "tele-release", the carrier will accept the shipper's (consignor) instructions to determine the consignee (except for a registered bill of lading), and the name of the consignee may be changed before the consignee picks up the goods . 

Therefore, for the consignee, if the payment is made after the goods are received, there is no risk of picking up the goods. However, if the consignee pays for the goods first and then has the right to pick up the goods, there is a risk of not having the right to pick up the goods after payment. In addition, in the case of “tele release”, the consignee cannot obtain the bill of lading either. When a dispute arises, it may not be able to protect its own rights due to the failure to produce the bill of lading