Development and application of China's cast iron industry

- Nov 15, 2019-

In the early 1980s, the development of cast iron materials entered a peak period. Subsequently, the cast iron production of the family declined sharply. However, cast iron is still the most widely used base material in metal materials, and it plays an important role in casting alloy materials.

Due to the impact of energy labor prices and environmental factors. In the future, the output of castings in the western industrialized countries will gradually decrease, and the general castings will be purchased from developing countries, but at the same time, high-value-added, high-tech high-quality castings will be exported to developing countries. At present, the acceleration of the globalization of the family economy has provided opportunities for the development of China's foundry industry. The requirements of China's castings continue to grow in the international and domestic markets. At the same time, cast iron is a traditional metal material in its quality. , performance and price are facing serious challenges. Grasping the structural adjustment and technical transformation of China's cast iron foundry industry, striving to improve the quality of castings, improve the level of technical economy and environmental pollution, and realize the high added value of cast iron accounting to cope with the more intense market competition in the future and satisfy the diversification of customers. The main countermeasures for demand.

The application of cast iron in the home is also becoming more and more abundant, such as table legs, brackets, art and so on. The cast iron feet we produce follow the development of the Chinese cast iron industry with its excellent production technology and technology. Many of the advantages of our cast iron legs are high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and rust resistance. Europe, the US and other customers like it.

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