Disadvantages and limitations of lost foam casting

- Mar 11, 2020-

Lost foam casting process, like other casting processes, has its shortcomings and limitations. Not all castings are suitable for production using the lost foam process. Specific analysis is required. Whether to use this process is mainly based on the following factors.

1. Casting batches The larger the batches, the more significant the economic benefits. 2.The order of good and poor applicability of casting materials is roughly: gray cast iron-non-ferrous alloy-ordinary carbon steel-nodular cast iron-low carbon steel and alloy steel; through necessary preparations so as not to cause process experiments, The debugging cycle is too long.

3. Casting size Mainly consider the scope of use of the corresponding equipment (such as vibrating table, sand box).

4. Casting structure The more complicated the casting structure, the better the superiority and economic benefits of the lost foam casting process. For the structure with narrow internal cavity channels and interlayers, it is necessary to conduct experiments before using the lost foam process to put it into production.