European Style Origin

- Dec 02, 2019-

The European style first originated from Egyptian art, and the historical origin of Egypt was positioned around 2850 BC. Egypt's last monarch, Cleopatra (the famous Cleopatra), resisted Roman invasion in 30 BC. After that, Egyptian civilization and European civilization began to merge. Later, Greek art, Roman art, Byzantine art, Roman art, and Gothic art constituted the early European art style, that is, the medieval art style.

Starting from the Renaissance, Baroque art, Rococo style, Louis XVI style, Adam style, Governor style, Empire style, Dynasty restoration style, Louis-Philip style, Second Empire style constituted the main European artistic style. This period is the main period for the formation of European style. The most famous of them is the Baroque and Rococo style, which are loved by the royal family.

Later, ACT DECO and Art Deco became mainstream in the New World.

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