Features Of Stamping

- Apr 29, 2020-

Features of stamping:

(1) Stamping is a processing method with high production efficiency and low material consumption. The stamping process is suitable for the production of large quantities of parts, which is convenient for mechanization and automation and has high production efficiency. At the same time, stamping production can not only strive to achieve less waste and no waste production but also make full use of the leftover materials even in some cases.

(2) The operation process is convenient, and the operator does not need to have a high level of skills.

(3) Generally, the stamping parts do not need to be machined and have high dimensional accuracy.

(4) Stamping parts have good interchangeability. Stamping processing stability is good, the same batch of stamping parts can be used interchangeably without affecting the assembly and product performance.

(5) As the stamping parts are made of sheet metal, its surface quality is good, which provides convenient conditions for subsequent surface treatment processes (such as electroplating and painting).

(6) Stamping can obtain parts with high strength, high rigidity, and lightweight.

(7) The cost of stamping parts produced by the die batch is low.

(8) Stamping can produce complicated parts which are difficult to be processed by other metal processing methods.