Furniture Styles

- Dec 26, 2019-

With the continuous improvement of people's taste, the demand for furniture is becoming more and more personalized. What are the styles of furniture?

Chinese classical style: the Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture that everyone hears, hears and sees. Its woodcraft is outstanding in relief and openwork and has a unique aesthetic taste.

Modern style furniture: it is relatively fashionable furniture with modern and simple style, suitable for the taste of modern young people.

European classical style furniture: the biggest feature of this kind of furniture is gorgeous and elegant.

Nordic style furniture: mainly represented by Finland, Sweden, Norway, and other countries. The two characteristics of this kind of furniture are practical and close to nature, bright lines and compact shape.

American style furniture: it simplifies the European classical furniture, with both functionality and decoration. The natural solid wood is generally used for American furniture, especially the practicality of furniture.