How to attached the table legs onto the glass tabletop

- Jun 01, 2020-

1. First, put shadowless glue on the center of the aluminum round plate.

Note: The place to be glued must be wiped clean!

2.Hold the aluminum round plate with one hand and slowly press it against the glass. Press gently on the glass and you will see the glue sliding around.

Note: Before sticking the aluminum round plate, use a large pen to point at the position where you want to stick (mark). Otherwise, the drill displacement is not known.

3. Press the aluminum round plate hard to make the glue evenly cover the whole aluminum round plate

Note: It can also be solidified by using sunlight!

After calibrating the surface, use the UV curing lamp sent by us to shine from the glass to the glue surface (about 3 minutes). After the glue solidifies, you can let go.

4.Then assemble the screws and steel tube table legs.