How to clean the paper towel

- Sep 05, 2019-

How to clean the paper towel

Iron products are widely used in our lives, kitchen paper towel racks, toilet paper towels and so on. And it's a place that is easy to accumulate dust and oil. We may buy one and throw one, but now promote environmental protection, so we will provide you with some cleaning methods to help you complete long-term use. How to clean the paper towel holder? Please refer to the following points:

First, wash the paper towel holder with water. You can use the special maintenance cloth of a paper towel holder or a cotton cloth to dry the water on the pendant.

Second, you can gently wipe the surface of the pendant with a moisturizing cloth coated with soap or toothpaste, then wash it off with water, or gently wipe it with a mild liquid detergent or a colorless glass cleaner, then rinse off with water. . Remember not to wipe the pendant with a corrosive acid-base solution.

Third, avoid hard objects scratching the surface of the product, do not use a rough cloth to wipe, it is recommended to use Fabe bathroom special maintenance rag to clean.

Fourth, pay attention to keeping the paper towel holder dry. Remember to clean all the cleaning agent with water after each cleaning, and wipe it with a special maintenance cloth (or cotton cloth). Otherwise, water stains may appear on the surface of the pendant.

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