How to maintain a cast iron paper towel holder

- Sep 04, 2019-

How to maintain a cast iron paper towel holder

In our real life, it may be neglected to maintain the product because it is an iron product. We will give you some advice on how to maintain it for an extended life. About the maintenance knowledge of the cast iron paper towel holder, there are about the following three points:

First, the use of the paper towel holder should be regularly maintained. The period is usually three months. You can use the wax oil with strong decontamination ability, apply it on a clean cotton cloth, and thoroughly clean the pendant, so that it can be extended. The service life.

Second, to keep the appearance of the pendant bright and clean, it should be cleaned regularly. The timely cleaning can keep the pendant as new as possible. Do not touch with organic solvents and corrosive chemicals, such as bleach, vinegar, etc. Used in a gaseous environment to avoid damage to the surface finish of the surface, which can cause the pendant to lose its luster.

Third, keep the bathroom air clear, and develop a good habit of opening the door and opening the window. Dry and wet separation is the best way to maintain the pendant. For newly renovated homes, you can apply a layer of oil on the pendants, which is less likely to rust. It is often wiped with cloth and water woven from soft cotton yarn to ensure the bright luster of the pendant.

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