How to select material for anticorrosion of pickling project

- Oct 26, 2020-

The first is the structure and raw material selection of FRP pipe and storage tank, and the second is the corrosion prevention of workshop floor and equipment foundation. Generally, resin mortar floor structure is used. The structure and raw material selection of FRP pipes and tanks. The storage tank, pipeline system and acid mist recovery system used in acid pickling project are basically made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the structure is impermeable layer + anticorrosive layer + structural strength layer. In general, the thickness of anti-seepage layer and anti-corrosion layer is at least 6-8 mm. It is recommended by experts that bisphenol A epoxy vinyl resin should be selected when the medium is non oxidizing acid and the temperature condition is not very high; when the requirements of oxidizing acid and temperature conditions are high, phenolic epoxy vinyl resin should be selected.