How to treat raw steel hairpin legs and assemble the table?

- Jul 05, 2019-

Step one: prepare hairpin legs.

Ready for four hairpin legs , then you will need to clean them before you use them. Wipe them down with some steel wool and denatured alcohol and then wipe it clean and dry with an old towel.

Step two: stain table top.

Sand your table table really well, especially the sides, which will be fairly rough. Stain your table top as desired.The sides of the table may have knots and variations in the wood that will affect how well it absorbs the stain. You can apply a primer to ensure even color, the table  look unique and natural. Let it dry completely.

Step three: finish table top.

Lightly sand the table top with 120 grit sand paper, wipe away the sawdust and apply a clear coat. Be sure to let the clear finish cure for as long as the can dictates. This not only allows the finish to properly harden, but it also allows the fumes to dissipate before you bring it inside. If the finish still smells a little strong after the full curing time, and a gentle wipe down with soap, water, and a dry towel can help as well.

Step four: attach legs.

Once your table top is entirely dry and finished, measure out a square on the underside of the table top, for your leg placement. You don’t want your legs too close to the edge or too close to the center. We found that in between those two extremes was a good balance for aesthetics and function. My leg top corners are about 4-5 inches away from the edge.

Once you decide your leg placement, use your measuring tape to ensure they are evenly spaced from each other and centered on the table. Be sure to measure the legs from all angles.  And measure twice. Then mark the holes of the leg tops with pencil. This helps you keep everything lined up perfectly as you work.

With the table top face down on a clean, stable surface, screw the legs in.

Place a split ring locking washer over the hairpin leg hole, and then screw the machine screws in until tight.