Industrial style

- Nov 28, 2019-

Industrial style is a popular trend in interior decoration design in recent years. It originated from an artist's studio with residential functions, converted from an abandoned industrial plant or warehouse. The interior decoration of this spacious and open LOFT house often retains some aspects of the original building, such as exposed wall tiles, rustic wooden beams, and industrial traces such as exposed metal pipes. Gradually, this style of retro and decadent art became a style, exuding a tough old industrial atmosphere.

If you want to put on a homely way, you can't ignore industrial style accessories for decoration. And metal furniture has become the first choice. Industrial style decoration cannot be separated from metal, but metal furniture is too cold and can be matched with wooden or leather elements. Log furniture is also common in industrial styles, especially old wood, which has a more textured feel. Metal skeletons and double-joint luminaires, as well as changing light bulbs and cloth braided wires, are very important elements in industrial style home improvement. Installing such luminaires can change the atmosphere of the entire home space.

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