Invention and use of stainless steel

- Nov 12, 2019-

The invention and use of stainless steel dates back to the First World War. British scientist Henry Breelley was commissioned by the British government military arsenal to study the improvement of weapons. At that time, the rifle guns used by the soldiers were extremely wearable, and Brillley wanted to invent an alloy steel that was not easy to wear.

The stainless steel invented by Brellley obtained British patent rights in 1916 and began mass production. At this point, stainless steel accidentally discovered from garbage dumps has swept the world, and Henry Brellley is also known as the "father of stainless steel." During the First World War, the British guns on the battlefield were always transported back to the rear because of the wear and tear of the guns. The military production department ordered Brillley to develop high-strength wear-resistant alloy steels to specifically address the wear and tear of the guns. Brellley and his assistants collected various types of steels produced at home and abroad, alloy steels of various natures, and conducted performance tests on various machines of different natures, and then selected more suitable steel to make guns. One day, they experimented with a domestic alloy steel containing a large amount of chromium. After the abrasion resistance test, it was found that the alloy was not wear-resistant, indicating that this could not make a gun, so they recorded the experimental results and threw it at the corner. thing. One day a few months later, an assistant rushed to hold a piece of light-stained steel and said to Brellley: "Sir, this is the alloy steel that Mr. Mullah sent when I was cleaning the warehouse. You Do you experiment and see if it has any special effect!" "Good!" Brellley looked at the bright steel, happy to say.

The experimental results prove that it is a stainless steel that is not afraid of acid, alkali and salt. This stainless steel was invented by the German Mullah in 1912. However, Mullah did not know what the stainless steel used.

Brillley calculated: "This kind of steel that is not wear-resistant but corrosion-resistant, can't make guns, can you make tableware?" He said dry, and made stainless steel fruit knives, forks, spoons, and fruit bowls. And folding knives, etc. Along with the stainless steel products used to date, more and more various kinds of furniture have come along, such as table legs. Our stainless steel table legs are beautiful and strong, and there are many styles that are very excellent, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, and rust proof, so the stainless steel table legs we produce are very popular among European and American countries.

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