Learning table

- Nov 17, 2020-

The table top is inclined 15.6 degrees, 2. There are bracket boards, 3. The height of the table can be adjusted; 4. There are bookshelves; the vast majority of learning tables have the following common points: there are book clamping board, three layers of bookshelves, the table top can be leveled, the bracket board can be folded down, the table top can be lifted up, and there are table holes under the table; among them, the upward learning table series products are mainly used. There are also some unique designs: the writing board falls slowly without clamping hands, the book clip board is a message board which is easy to wipe, the side of the table leg has a horizontal storage board, and a foot pedal suitable for young children. The design of the learning table can put the computer style, called the computer learning table.