Mediterranean style

- Oct 16, 2019-

Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style has a unique aesthetic. Generally choose natural soft colors, pay attention to spatial matching in combination design, make full use of every inch of space, integrate decoration and application, avoid trivial in combination and match, appear generous and natural, exude the ancient noble pastoral atmosphere and culture. grade. The table with simple steel legs is stylish and stylish, perfect for Mediterranean style.

Style features:

(1) Arches and half arches, horseshoe-like windows and doors, white walls, wooden furniture with low color, simple lines and rounded edges. Round arches and cloisters usually use a number of connections or vertical cross-overs to create an extended feel during walking. At the wall of the home (as long as it is not a load-bearing wall), the interior window can be shaped by semi-piercing or full-cutting.

(2) One of the most obvious features of the Mediterranean style is the old-fashioned treatment of the furniture. This treatment not only allows the furniture to reveal the eternal texture of classical furniture, but also shows the furniture in the Mediterranean sea. A natural imprint of the sea breeze.

(3) The color characteristics of the Mediterranean Sea are: no need to create, the true color is presented.

(4) Aesthetic characteristics: It is more open space.

(5) Unique decoration method. After constructing the basic spatial form, the Mediterranean style of decoration also has very distinctive features. Mosaic inlays and collages are more ornate in the Mediterranean style. It mainly uses pebbles, ceramic tiles, shellfish, glass flakes, glass beads and other materials, and then creatively combines them after cutting. Indoors, curtains, tablecloths, sofa covers, lampshades, etc. are mainly low-color tones and cotton fabrics. The elegant small flower striped plaid pattern is the main style. In addition, the unique forged wrought iron furniture is also a unique aesthetic product of the Mediterranean style. At the same time, Mediterranean-style homes should pay attention to greening. Creeping plants are common home plants, and small and cute green pots are often seen.