Mirror polishing

- Sep 23, 2019-

Mirror polishing

Our table legs contain stainless steel table legs, and the stainless steel surface can be mirror polished.

Mirror polishing is a smooth, shiny mirror-like surface that has been subjected to a buffing process (rough grinding, fine grinding) and a polishing process on a metal material.

First, the polishing process

The purpose of polishing is to obtain a smooth and smooth surface. At this time, there is a very fine and uniform wear scar on the grinding surface. Polishing is divided into rough grinding and fine grinding.

1. Rough grinding Rough grinding is the modification of rough surfaces and irregular shapes.

2. Fine grinding After rough grinding, the metal surface still has deep wear marks, which need to be eliminated in the fine grinding to prepare for polishing.

Second, the surface polishing process

The polishing process is to obtain a glossy mirror-like surface finish. Most of the parts that are repeatedly polished with a polishing wheel are extremely uneven on the surface of the part, which is commonly used for the modification of the surface of the plating.

Polishing is the final step of the surface of the coating or the surface of the part. The purpose is to eliminate the fine grinding marks remaining on the surface after the polishing process. The ideal polished surface should be a smooth, shiny, non-marking, non-embossed, pit-free, metal-free layer of mirror-like surface. After grinding and polishing, the grinding surface changes.