Modern minimalist style

- Nov 03, 2019-

Modern home minimalist style has the following meanings:

1. Simplicity is not equal to simplicity. It is an extension of design and ideas that has been invented through deliberation. It is not a simple “stacking” and a flat “placement”, unlike some designers who understand the “straight white”. For example, the bedside background design is somewhat simple to only one cross pendant, but it condenses the designer's originality, both beautiful and practical.

2, the simplicity of the family is not just about decoration, but also reflected in the simplicity of home accessories, such as a small house, there is no need to buy a larger item in order to appear "broad", on the contrary should be necessary for life Only buy, and not to occupy area, folding, multi-functional and so on. Imagine: the expensive price of the price of the price of gold to buy a house to make a "broken furniture" to squeeze the "space", then we as a "master" life from where to come, can be "simple"?

3, the simplicity of decoration must be based on pragmatic, should not blindly follow the trend without considering other factors. Behind the simplicity also reflects a modern "consumption view." That is to pay attention to the quality of life, focus on health and fashion, and pay attention to rational and scientific consumption. In fact, some "styles" of decoration are completely unnecessary, and the more you want, the more "hidden dangers" are brought. For example, in recent years, children with leukemia and other cases of illness caused by environmental external factors have occurred, many of which are indeed related to unreasonable and unscientific decoration. Therefore, we advocate a simple "consumption view."

Contrast is the color number used in simple decoration. This way is the basic shaping technique of art design. It compares two different things, shapes, colors, etc., such as square and circle, new and old, big and small, Black and white, deep and shallow, thick and thin, and so on. By placing two clearly opposite elements in the same space, they are designed to be both opposite and harmonious; they are both contradictory and unified, and they are sharply contrasted in strong contrasts to achieve complementary and satisfying effects.

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