Modern Style

- Nov 21, 2019-

Modern style is modernist style. Modernism, also known as functionalism, is a product of industrial society. It originated in the Bauhaus school in 1919, advocates breaking through tradition, creating innovation, paying attention to function and space organization, paying attention to the form beauty of structure itself, succinct style, and opposition to redundant decoration. Advocating a reasonable composition process; respecting the characteristics of materials, paying attention to the texture and color of the material itself; emphasizing the connection between design and industrial production. Modern styles are commonly used to describe architectural and interior works and designs.


1. He is a product of the industrial revolution, emphasizing the combination of industrial production and design. Industrialization is mechanization and mass production. Therefore, the current construction and indoor prefabricated parts, semi-finished products, and finished parts industries are quite developed. Especially in the “light decoration and heavy decoration” advocated by the indoor industry, the decorative ingredients here refer to industrial products.

2. Emphasis on practicality and functionality, focusing on the organization of functions and space.

3. Respect the characteristics of the material, emphasizing the texture and color effect of the material itself; the extensive use of metal, glass, and high-purity colors.

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