Modern style source and use

- Nov 22, 2019-

Modern style is a popular style, pursuing fashion and fashion, and pays great attention to the perfect combination of the layout and use functions of the living room space. Modernism, also known as functionalism, is a product of industrial society. Its earliest representative was the Bauhaus school in Weimar, Germany. The theme is: to create an environment that enables artists to accept the most labor-saving environment of modern production. This technical aesthetic is the biggest revolution in interior decoration in this century.

In 1919, the Bauhaus school was established, and the modern style originated here. New creations, pragmatism, spatial organization, and emphasis on tradition are the ideas of the school and have a profound impact on modern style. Therefore, the modern style has a simple shape, no excessive decoration, a scientific and rational construction process, and pays attention to the characteristics of the material. The Bauhaus school pays attention to the form beauty of the architectural structure, explores the texture of the material itself and the effect of color matching, and realizes the asymmetric non-traditional composition method with the functional layout as the core.

Let the table legs show the modern style of modern technology in the design of the modern style room. Experienced engineers and welding masters who have worked for many years can make every table leg. Give each table leg a high load carrying capacity and a smooth surface.

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