Neoclassical style

- Oct 27, 2019-

“Shaping the gods” is the main feature of the neo-classical style. While paying attention to the decorative effect, the modern temperament is restored by modern techniques and materials. The neo-classical style has the dual aesthetic effect of classical and modern. The perfect combination also allows people to enjoy spiritual comfort while enjoying material civilization. It is undeniable that neoclassical is a typical representative of fusion style, but this does not mean that neoclassical design can use modern elements arbitrarily, not the two styles and their products. Imagine that in a rich artistic atmosphere, placing a simple, strangely shaped piece of furniture will have an unbeatable effect and is jaw-dropping.

Pay attention to the matching of lines and the proportional relationship between lines and lines. A good neoclassical style of home work depends more on the choice of wiring and materials.

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