Original bill of lading

- Jun 18, 2020-

Original bill of lading refers to a "bill of lading" issued by the carrier or a person entrusted by it to withdraw the goods from the carrier and claim rights. If multiple original bills of lading are issued, it is stated in the terms of the issuance that when one of the original bills of lading is used for delivery, the remaining original bills of lading shall become invalid on their own. Original bills of lading are often marked with "original" on the conspicuous part of the bill of lading to show the difference.

In the import and export business, according to the needs of the business, the original bill of lading is often used. It can be said that the original bill of lading is a medium for the delivery of goods between the consignor, carrier and consignee. Through the original bill of lading, the goods can reach the consignee safely and completely.