Pastoral style for nature

- Oct 11, 2019-

The pastoral style focuses on the performance of nature. Different pastoral gardens have different natures, each with its own characteristics, and each has its own beauty.

The pastoral style of the credit home is mainly divided into English, French and American pastoral styles.

English pastoral: British pastoral style is mainly characterized by gorgeous fabrics and handmade crafts. The fabrics are beautiful and the flowers are mainly composed of numerous floral patterns. Floral, striped, Scottish motifs are the eternal theme of the English pastoral style. The furniture material is mostly made of pine and eucalyptus. The production and engraving are all handmade. It is very particular, and it is perfect with the table legs with high brightness.

French pastoral: mainly in the whitening treatment of furniture and bold color matching, with the bright color design as the main color, the whitening treatment of the furniture can make the furniture show the classical beauty, while the red, yellow and blue colors match. The fertile landscape of the land is revealed, and the curled curved lines and delicate patterns of the legs are also the embodiment of French elegant country life.

American-style garden is also known as the American-style country style. It belongs to the natural style and advocates “returning to nature”. The pastoral style emphasizes nature and combines nature in aesthetics, and strives to express leisure, comfortable and natural pastoral life in the indoor environment. It is often made of natural wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and other materials. It is a good idea to set up indoor greening to create a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere.

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