Process of precision casting

- Sep 28, 2019-

Process of precision casting

Many of our products use precision casting processes. Today, let's get to know the process of precision casting.

Mold design - mold manufacturing - pressure wax (shoot wax wax mold) - repair wax - wax inspection - group tree (wax module tree) - shell (first paste, sand, re-slurry , the final mold shell air drying) - dewaxing (steam dewaxing) - mold shell roasting - chemical analysis - pouring (casting molten steel in the mold shell) - vibration shelling - casting and pouring rod cutting separation - - Grinding gate - initial inspection (blank inspection) - shot blasting - machining - polishing - finished product inspection - storage

The precision casting production process can be roughly divided into waxing, shelling, pouring, post-treatment and inspection.

Pressing wax includes waxing, waxing, and grouping.

The shell includes hanging sand, hanging pulp, and air drying.

Pouring includes roasting, chemical analysis (spectral spectroscopy), casting, shaking shells, gates, and gates.

Post-treatment includes sand blasting, shot blasting, correction, and pickling.

The inspection includes wax inspection, initial inspection, intermediate inspection and finished product inspection.

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