Sand casting

- Sep 19, 2019-

Sand casting

Sand casting is included in the production process of cast iron legs. Let us know the sand casting process today.

Sand casting is the use of clay bonded sand as a modeling material to produce castings. It is a long-established process and the most widely used process.

Today, all kinds of chemical bonding sands are flourishing. Clay wet sand is still the most important modeling material. Its wide application range and large consumption are incomparable with any other modeling materials. According to reports, more than 80% of the US steel castings are made of clay wet sand; in Japanese steel castings, more than 73% are made of clay wet sand.

The ability to adapt to modeling conditions is extremely strong and is also a major feature of clay wet sand. In 1890, the vibrating molding machine was introduced. The clay wet sand, which has been used for manual molding conditions for a long time, was extremely successful for machine modeling, and laid the foundation for the mechanization and automation of the molding operation. Modern high-pressure molding, injection molding, gas-punching, static-pressure molding, and non-shock-pressure vacuum molding are all based on the premise of using clay wet sand.