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- Oct 21, 2019-

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Romantic pink

The new colors are stable and comfortable, and the personality is rich, which is a bit less exaggerated than the red in the past. These pinks are neither unassuming nor too cute, and the maturity that comes out is very attractive to both men and women. The effect of cool color is more obvious, and new coral tones appear at the same time, bringing a warmth with a brighter color and a softer complexion.

Warm orange

This color balances between the bright color of red pepper and the natural color of brick. It conveys a strong, lively and beautiful mood and is more confident. The dark brown color of the leather gives a rich, deep contrasting texture.

Bright yellow

The gentle neutral shades have a strong sense of tolerance, which gives comfort and relaxation. The elegant colors of the candle shimmer and champagne add warmth and charm, creating a swaying and faint atmosphere. The yellowish green has been replaced by a pure yellow, which is more sunny, more optimistic and more enjoyable.

Neutral warm color

The color is fuller and more attractive; the color is complete, suitable for different tastes and different usage scenarios. Fresh natural colors reminiscent of hides, snakeskins, furs and feathers, adding a strong animal appeal. The influence of green brings a new direction - khaki's soft and relaxed tones, giving a sophisticated and sophisticated vision.

Dynamic green

This set of colors includes all the colors from pleasant warm yellow-green to soothing cool blue-green, resulting in images that are both traditional and futuristic. It shows the fresh and edible qualities of fruits and vegetables, reminding us to feel the generosity of nature. Vibrant, jelly-like sparkling colors show the power of technology and the city.

Ocean blue

This set of colors has changed from the natural blue of previous years to the complex artificial blend of blue – the beautiful shiny glazed blue is its representative. Turquoise, gemstones and enamel colors are clear and authentic, adding a touch of exoticism to the exaggerated blue system. The ink-like dark blue is reminiscent of the calm and serenity of Linyi calligraphy. The optimistic, sparkling midtones showcase the beauty of Moroccan tiles and mosaics, creating a rare and elegant combination of sapphire, dark blue and water green.

Mysterious purple

This set of colors contains many colors in red tones that are warm and reliable. The colder blue-purple color has a soft, full-bodied color of the berries. It comes from real life – each color has subtleties that make it easy to pair with the interior. Easy to reminiscent of colors such as ash and ore, simple but very practical.

Neutral cool color

Really neutral black, charcoal and grey have a great influence. This set of colors is concentrated in a variety of soft and quiet shades from white to dark black – these are neutral, neutral colors that create an elegant contrast to the colors in other colours. The diffuse warm colors have strong connections with natural materials, such as putty, stone and clay, which are affected by yellow and are no longer so cold.

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