Table legs that can be repeatedly installed and disassembled

- Oct 09, 2019-

The known connection between the table top and the legs is a fixing method such as bonding, welding, bolting, and twisting. Their disadvantages are the destruction of the material structure of the table top, the trouble of installation and disassembly, and poor repeatability.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to overcome the deficiencies of the existing desktop and table leg connection methods, the present invention provides a table leg that not only achieves the purpose of repeated rapid installation and disassembly of the table legs and the table top, but also does not damage the material structure of the table top. . The technical solution adopted by the utility model to solve the technical problem is that the table leg and the "C"-shaped metal frame are connected and fixed by a conventional manner such as integral molding, welding, bolt fastening, etc., and can also be fixed by a table leg attachment accessory, and the leg connection The attachment is attached to the "C" shaped metal frame by conventional means such as integral molding, welding, bolt fastening, and the like. The screw rod penetrates and is screwed onto the bottom surface of the “C”-shaped metal frame. The top of the screw is located at the top of the screw rod and can be rotated concentrically with the screw rod. The screw rod has a horizontally adjustable screw rod wrench and is located on the screw rod and “C”. "The lock nut of the bottom of the metal frame is used to prevent the screw rod from rotating.