The advantages of Dacromet surface treatment

- Jun 24, 2020-

1. High heat resistance: Dacromet can resist high temperature corrosion, and the heat resistance temperature can reach more than 300 ℃. In the traditional galvanizing process, the skin is scrapped when the temperature reaches 100℃.

2. Super corrosion resistance: The thickness of Dacromet film is only 4-8μm, but its anti-rust effect is more than 7-10 times that of traditional electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized or paint coating methods. The standard parts and pipe joints treated by Dacromet process did not appear red rust after the salt spray resistance test for more than 1200h.

3. Good permeability: Due to the electrostatic shielding effect, it is difficult to plate zinc on the deep holes and slits of the workpiece and the inner wall of the pipe, so the above parts of the workpiece cannot be protected by electroplating. Dacromet can enter these parts of the workpiece to form a Dacromet coating.

4. No hydrogen embrittlement: Dacromet's treatment process determines that Dacromet has no hydrogen embrittlement, so Dacromet is very suitable for the coating of stressed parts.

5. Good adhesion and recoating performance: Dacromet coating has a good adhesion with the metal substrate, and has strong adhesion with other additional coatings, the treated parts are easy to spray and color, and are combined with organic coatings The force even exceeds the phosphating film.