The another requirements for Amazon FBA goods

- Sep 09, 2020-

5. Product SKU code

The SKU code of a product is a unique identifier for a product of one type, one model, and one size, and Amazon does not recognize the code. If Amazon FBA finds that you have posted the wrong SKU code, it will be very expensive for him to replace it for you. If a batch of ten boxes of 1000pcs is wrong, the cost is at least 1000*0.25=250 Euro.

6. Overweight standard, battery standard

Amazon stipulates that a single box package cannot exceed 30kg! This is a mandatory standard set by amazon based on the efficiency of cargo operation! There is also a saying that a single box package cannot exceed 15kg, but 15kg is Amazon's recommended standard.

7. Customs clearance related information label

Regardless of whether FBA goods are cleared independently or as an agent, customs clearance related information labels must be affixed to the goods. The information on the label includes: delivery address, customs clearance subject, EU EORI code, national tax number, and local logistics group contact information. Paste one sheet of each box of goods on the front or side.