The Best Point Of Coated Sand Casting

- Apr 17, 2020-

The best point of coated sand casting:

1. Small pollution: the working site environment has been significantly improved. Although the main molding method of coated sand combustion also has a certain impact on the environment, after all, it uses a small amount of sand, at the same time, all the used sand is recycled. The worksite is clean and free of dust pollution.

2. The sand layer is thin and the amount of sand used is small: the production cost is low and the waste is small. The sand can be recycled after use.

3. Change the appearance quality of the blank, reduce the cutting allowance, high yield, and stable quality.

4. Improve the internal quality of the products. Because of the fast cooling speed of the coated sand casting, the graphite morphology of the casting is greatly improved, the mechanical properties of the product are improved and the service life of the product is increased.

5. Plastic coated sand molding adopts an automatic production line to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and shorten labor time.