The difference between HBL and MBL

- Jun 23, 2020-

  1. The consignee column is different. HBL is the freight forwarder, MBL is the real buyer.

2. The issuing body is different. HBL is a bill of lading issued by the freight forwarder and cannot be used to pick up the goods directly to the shipping company; MBL is a bill of lading issued by the shipowner, which can be used to pick up the goods.

3. Different heads. The heading of HBL is generally the heading of the freight forwarder designated by the customer, and the signature is also the heading company; the heading of MBL is the heading of the shipping company. For example: when taking HANJIN, the head is HANJIN SHIPPING LING... the signature is also HANJIN.

4. MBL can directly pick up the goods from the shipping company and ship owner at the destination port, and HBL must first exchange the ship owner's bill of lading (MBL) from the agent at the destination port, and then go to the shipping company or its agent to pick up the goods with the MBL.

5. MBL is only applicable to FCL FCL transportation. Shipping companies will not issue LCL bills of lading. HBL can be used for both FCL and LCL LCLs, and HBL must be used for LCL transportation, because LCLs need to issue separate orders, which are issued by LCL freight forwarders.