The difference between the original bill of lading

- Jun 18, 2020-

1. MB/L is the bill of lading issued by the shipping company. As long as there is MB/L, anyone can directly pick up the goods at the port of destination. HB/L is a bill of lading based on MB/L by the freight forwarder. It needs to be designated agent or branch in the destination port in exchange for MB/L.

2. If you want to prepay the freight and pick up the goods quickly, you can pay MB/L, and you can save a dozen dollars for the order replacement fee. If you want to control the right of goods, freight collection, etc., you have to issue HB/L, the freight forwarder can help you do this, of course, it is not free.

3. If your goods are not full containers, but scattered goods, you must only export HB/L, because shipping companies will not help you consolidate the goods, and will not help you to separate the goods at the destination port. This situation can only be HB/L.