The difference of brush polishing and mirror polishing

- Mar 20, 2020-

1. The brush polishing is to implement a new step on the finished metal surface to change the original mechanical pattern or the lack of surface to make a regular and relatively uniform new pattern. However, the polishing process is to polish the metal surface to make the surface of the workpiece completely flat, without any flaws, and looks like a mirror surface.

2. Mirror polishing is divided into chemical solution mirror polishing and mechanical mirror polishing. There is no uniform name or classification for brush polishingg and polishing. People often divide them into straight wires and random wires according to different surface effects.

3. The surface of brush polishing and polishing process can reflect the texture of metal materials, so it is loved by more and more users and more and more widely used. The mirror polishing process determines the workpiece finish. The effect like a mirror is the ideal polishing effect.