The meaning of modern home minimalist decoration style

- Nov 29, 2019-

The simple decoration style of modern homes has the following meanings:

1. Simplicity is not equal to simplicity. It is an extension of the design and ideas after innovation after careful consideration. It is not a simple "stacking" and a bland "placement." For example, the design of the bedside background is a bit simple to have only one cross pendant, but it condenses the designer's originality, both beautiful and practical.

2. The simplicity of the home is not only about decoration, but also the simplicity of home accessories. For a small house, for example, there is no need to purchase larger items in order to appear "broad", but instead should be necessary for life Only buy it, and mainly do not occupy area, folding, multi-function and so on. Imagine: The house bought at the price of expensive earth, gold, and gold makes a "broken furniture" crowded out of "space", so where does the comfort of our lives as "hosts" come from, can it be "simple"?

3. The simplicity of the decoration must be pragmatic, and must not blindly follow the trend without considering other factors. Behind the simplicity is also a modern "consumption view". That is, pay attention to the taste of life, pay attention to health and fashion, and pay attention to rational scientific consumption. In fact, the "style" of some decoration is completely unnecessary, and the more it is required, the more "hidden danger" it brings. For example, in recent years, children with leukemia and other cases caused by environmental external factors often occur, and many of them are indeed related to unreasonable and unscientific decoration. Therefore, a simple "consumption view" is promoted.

Contrast is the commonly used color number in simple decoration. This method is the basic styling technique of artistic design. It compares two different things, shapes, colors, etc. Black and white, dark and light, thick and thin, and so on. By placing two apparently opposing elements in the same space, they are designed to be both opposite and harmonious; they are contradictory and unified, gaining sharp contrast in a strong contrast, and seeking complementary and satisfying effects.

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