The powder coating or painting

- Mar 02, 2020-

1. The Powder coating is slightly more complicated, but the quality is better, and the service life of the finished product is much longer. Strong surface adhesion, not easy to burn, can protect metal surface for a long time.

2. Powder coating has higher safety and environmental protection. The paint contains a certain organic solvent, which is volatile in the air, generates exhaust gas, has poor environmental protection, and has a higher fire risk than plastic spraying.

3. The level of spray paint is better than spray paint. The molecular structure of solvents, auxiliaries and resins used for spray painting greatly contribute to leveling. But spray spray does not, so often orange effect.

4, spray paint can be repaired, while plastic spray can not. In the spraying process, pitting or scratches caused by the large air film can be repaired at any time because the paint has the function of repainting.

5. The flexibility (bending) of spray paint is better than plastic spray. 6, spray paint is rich in decoration. The appearance color of spray paint is dozens of times more than spray paint, and the same material can be used to make different effects. For example, non-metallic materials such as plastic, wood, paper, cloth, and leather can be made into aluminum.