The requirements for Amazon FBA goods

- Sep 09, 2020-

The requirements for Amazon FBA goods 

  1. The appearance requirements of the goods

Amazon FBA has strict requirements on the appearance of the goods. Therefore, the appearance of each box of goods must be checked before delivery and before warehousing, for obvious damage and deformation. If the outer box is damaged or deformed and the label font is blurred, deal with it immediately.

2. National Standard

FBA requires the national standard to be attached to the outer box. The size of the national standard is a square with a side length of 4cm. The general national standard is pasted on the upper right corner of the narrow side of each box of goods, two sheets. Everyone should pay attention to this.

3. FBA label

FBA label is the identification of the outer packing box of the goods when the Amazon warehouse receives the goods. It is composed of FBA information and code 128 barcode. The FBA label is generated in the amazon system. Generally, there are 1, 4, or 6 FBA labels in an A4 format pdf.