The Types And Sses Of Sofa Feet

- Jan 02, 2020-

What are the types and uses of sofa feet

1. L-shaped sofa foot

It is produced by die casting, stamping, welding, and other processes. This kind of sofa foot is mainly used on a fabric sofa and leather sofa.

2. Sofa straight foot middle foot

The appearance is exquisite and smooth. Generally, this kind of sofa foot is mainly used on a low sofa, more antique sofa, etc.

3. Horizontal tubular sofa feet

With high polish and polish, the product looks high. This kind of sofa foot is generally used in leather sofa, modern style, short fabric sofa, etc.

4. Sofa foot cone tube

Select excellent stainless steel raw materials for processing and production, with the characteristics of durability and stability. This kind of sofa foot is generally high on the modern sofa or the simple fabric sofa.

5. Sofa bending

Compared with the Trident foot of the sofa, the curved foot of the sofa has a more design sense. The appearance is simple and tall, which gives people a unique feeling. It mainly uses some simple and personalized sofas.

6. Sofa tripod

Sofa tripod is more practical in daily life, mainly suitable for some modern fabric or leather sofa, it has the principle of triangle stability, so it is very good instability.