Use Paint To Make Old Metal

- Apr 22, 2020-

Use paint to make old metal

1. Find a new piece of metal. Generally, the metal materials that can be found are electroplated metal, with a layer of steel on the surface, in order to prevent the metal products from rusting.

2. Use medium roughness sandpaper to make old for larger metal products.

3. Pour the matte black paint into the plate, first dip the sponge in the water, so that the brush head will be softer

4. Start painting little by little, you can dip the paint on the metal surface little by little, or you can paint with small strokes.

5. After a night, let the black paint dry automatically. Before the second coat, the first coat must be thoroughly dried.

6. Choose a color.

7. et the brush and pour the selected paint into the palette.

8. Apply the paint unevenly to the metal

9. Wait for the paint to dry automatically.

10. Rub the edge of the metal with sandpaper.