Various carbon steel uses

- Sep 10, 2019-

Carbon structural steel

Features: low price, excellent process performance (such as weldability and cold formability).

Application: General engineering structures and general mechanical parts. For example, Q235 can produce bolts, nuts, pins, hooks and less important mechanical parts as well as rebar, section steel, steel bars, etc. in the building structure.

High quality carbon structural steel

Application: Non-alloy steels for the manufacture of important mechanical parts are generally used after heat treatment.

Carbon tool steel

Features: It is an eutectoid steel and hypereutectoid steel with high strength and hardness and good wear resistance. It is suitable for the manufacture of various low speed cutting tools.

Cast steel

Application: It is mainly used to manufacture more important mechanical parts with complex shape and high mechanical properties, and it is difficult to form by forging and pressing in the process, such as the transmission case of the automobile, the coupler and the coupling of the rolling stock.

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