What is the height standard of the door handle?

- Jan 04, 2018-

The standard height of the door handle is 0.8m to 1m on the door, and the height from the ground is about 1.1m. Some door handles may have a higher height. For example, the height of the door handle of the security door is 1.13m. The best door handle height should be determined based on factors such as the height of the user and the habit of opening the door.
1. If there are children in the home, it is recommended that the height of the door handle be 0.8 m to 0.85 m. Otherwise, when the child opens the door, he needs to step on the stool to get the door handle, and there may be an accident and fall.
2. If there are no children in the family, it is reasonable to set the height of the door handle to 1m according to the average height of the adult.
3. When a person twists the door handle, the forearm is most comfortable when it is horizontal. From a mechanical point of view, at this time, the wrist joint and the forearm are only subjected to tension without other bending and torsion forces, so the height of the elbow joint is the height of the most suitable door handle.
4. If it is a door handle for public use, since the number of people used is large, the height of the door handle can be determined according to the distribution density of the height dimension of the elbow joint of the used crowd. If the average family uses it, consider the height of the family members.
5. The door handle height will sometimes be different in different occasions. Usually the door handles of the main entrance and the office are higher than the indoor ones, and the kindergartens are definitely lower than the ordinary door handles