Antique Bookends Cast Iron

Pure iron material, modern minimalist style, home decoration, enhance artistic effect. Antique bookends cast iron has high value and practicality and is your home helper. The vintage old style is made of cast iron craft, not awkward. Foreign orders, a super exquisite set of bookends, and factory direct sales are only low prices, so don't miss it.
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I don't know if you usually have the habit of buying books. Now technology is developed and the popularity of electronic products. Many people are starting to use e-books. So the bookend may be eliminated in the future. But there are some things we can learn more from books, from the pleasure of e-books. The book will naturally become chaotic, and a bookend will be your best helper.

There are a lot of old things that remind you of your childhood, who is walking in the alley, hard, brave and full of hope. Is this already fast-paced society, which is already highly developed, an opportunity for ordinary people? Every day, I am busy looking for a variety of transportation, who has time to sit down and enjoy time. When we have time to sit and read a book, we will be satisfied with that kind of comfort.







Bulk order,

Mold time: 10-15days;

Production time: 30-45days;

Package time: 7-10 days;

Delivery time: 30-35 days.

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