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If you want your desk to instantly reflect the taste, you need these cool ornaments. The cast iron bookend can be arranged and arranged by work, and it can be decorated with a tabletop. We can see that some small things that are fun and fun will be bought and bought. Our bookend is definitely worthy of your start..

From the appearance of this cast iron whale bookends, it is the shape of a whale, dividing the whale into two sides, I imagine the meaning is like swimming in the ocean of books like a whale. And the whale has always been the strongest of the ocean, and on the other hand it represents a powerful, representative of strength and courage.

From the inside, it is made of the uppermost cast iron, the surface is treated very smooth, and it feels good when touched. In addition, the shape of the whale also adds a lot of ocean to your desk, which is full of vitality and vitality. If you are a person who loves the ocean, you will love this product.



UsagePromotion Gift,Home Decor,Souvenir,Collection.etc
OEM/ODM:Customized accepted
Production time:Sample12-15days after designs confirmation
Bulk order35-45days,depends on order quantity
Payment:Paypal,T/T,L/C,Western union etc



Delivery time:

Bulk order

Mold time: 10-15days;

Production time: 30-35days;

Package time: 7-15days;

Deliverytime: 30-35days.

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