Antique Cast Iron Doormat

Description: Antique cast iron doormat, Doormat is very important element of every house.
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Friends with decoration experience will find that when we put the traditional doormat in use, it does not absorb our dust from the outside very well, and it is also quite troublesome to clean, when placed outside the house often less than a week will become dirty, so we have stepped on this. A dirty store can also cause our house to become dirty, so the traditional doormat is very troublesome when used. Even if the doormat is placed, it will still lead to dust flying in the house. After all, there will be a lot of dust under the doormat.

So nowadays most people seldom install traditional doormat when they decorate because it not only does not achieve a good effect of keeping clean but also increases our sanitation work. If there is enough dust under the doormat, the friction between the doormat and the ground will increase, which will guide us. Scratch the floor. So the traditional doormat has now been eliminated by the times, after all, after decoration is also relatively useless, so it is necessary to choose cast iron doormat.






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Sample order: 10-15days if in stock; In our workshop doormat are prepared and shipped within 3-5 working days. Delivery takes 3-10 days.

Bulk Production order: 35-45 days according to the order quantity. Acceptable third party inspection

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