Cast Iron Doormat Rectangular

Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to health problems.

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Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to health problems. While doormat brings convenience to people, it also brings hidden dangers to health. Dust will accumulate in the doormat, and some doormats will smell after a period of time, so when using the doormat, we should pay attention to the hygiene of the doormat; when choosing the doormat, we should choose the doormat which has no odor and is good for cleaning and can be environmentally friendly. Never choose the gorgeous doormat, because we choose the gorgeous one. Real doormat is irresponsible for the health of oneself and others, especially in families with children, more attention should be paid to the use and purchase of doormat.图片7

When the doormat is in use, it is necessary to keep the doormat clean at all times, wash the doormat regularly, air it outside the house when conditions permit, so as not to give bacteria room to survive; when purchasing the doormat, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the odor of the doormat is bad, not necessarily high-grade, ordinary is not good, we should see or ask the raw materials for the production of the doormat, cleaning prescription. Law and so on, to ensure their own and family health.


ItemRustic Style Iron Door Mat
FinishRustic brown
Warranty12 months
Delivery Terms35 days after receive your deposit, balance before shipment.
Custom value:Try our best to comply with you

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